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Proven Success: 90% positive feedback; Industry recognized

Career Consultants Network (CCN) is a recognized Education Agent by the Australian Trade Commission (AUSTRADE). Our Clientele is assured that we are knowledgeable and adhere to the ESOS Legislative Framework; providing regulatory requirements for Education and Training Institutions. CCN is also a Professional Partner of Pearson Academic. We provide Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic Intensive and Express review.

Different Clients Require Different Products and Services

We work with clients to define and deliver products and services designed for International Students. Our products and services portfolio include Courses and Review Programs, Partnerships and Pathway Agreements between Institutions, Study Tours, Occupational and Professional Internship Programs, Visa Assistance and online Travel Agency Services. We also offer Eligibility and Skills Assessment in relation to Study Qualifications and Pay Workplace Training Programs.

Personalized, Professional and Customized Assistance

The CCN Team is composed of trained and experienced individuals from various disciplines. Our expertise cover: ​ Immigration Policies, Compliance and Regulations Travel Agency Operations Best Practices in Events Management Public Relations and Media Management Meeting and Conference Services

Let us help get you started

Whether it is for Study, an internship program, for an eligibility and skills assessment or pay workplace training programs, CCN is here to provide you with the best assistance that you need. ​ Contact us now or complete the form above for an exclusive consultation. For any enquiries, you may also call 1300 000 000.